Translated bird behaviors and systems into game rules and systems.

Through play, players uncover the hidden systems that make up a bird’s life in the city. The goal is for each player’s bird species to take over as much high quality habitat as possible. Using bird tactics, strategies and behaviours, players must survive in “the big city” based loosely on London UK.

Extensively researched and built on Animal Diplomacy Bureau’s previous games.

Bird Mafia is based on a mixed reality game created back in 2017/18 as part of a project at the Royal College of Art. All bird knowledge and behaviours were vetted by an ornithologist for accuracy.
After countless games and more than 80 players, birds needed to take a break.

The games were fun and meaningful, but required significant manpower and lots of set-up. So we decided to turn it into a friendly, easy to play board game.

We truly believe it’s meaningful to transform people into birds!


Board Game Components

How to play

Phase 1:
Birds reproduce and move to adjacent tiles.

Phase 2:
Birds begin to spread out and occupy different territories. Multiple birds can occupy one territory (restricted by habitat).
Birds begin battling and scheming using function cards. Some cards benefit some species, and are detrimental to others.

Phase 3:
Once a player reaches 10 birds, the game ends. Based on what city habitats the birds are on, a score is counted.

Whoever has the highest score wins. This is not necessarily the player with the most birds.