We were invited to design a space for a handmade guitar brand, "Guitar Lee”, by the Simple Life the music festival. Simple Life is the biggest music festival event in Taiwan, and this is their first year bringing Simple Life to four different cities in China. For four different lifestyle cities.

We designed and created a space in each city for Guitar Lee within the Simple Life music festival. Guitar Lee is a popular handmade guitar brand in Taiwan and China, they want to promo their new guitar" 初犢 ”(meaning newborn calf).  Their special design of guitar helps the beginner to perform with a guitar easily. They wanted this space to show this spirit and give these young musicians have a stage to perform their own song in the Simple Life festival. Therefore we develop this concept and design and build a special dorm room that where a young guitar player usually starts playing their first song and where is the dream begins. We wanted people who come to the space it encourages them to recall the memory of the first time they started to think about and pursuit their dream.

@ MorrowAgent Studio 2018