"It has been 5 years since the Active Filter Regulation, more commonly known as the GAIA bill, was passed. The regulation requires all products with high embodied energy to incorporate active air filtration. Proponents of the bill have hailed the developments of Additive Layer Manufacturing in providing the ability to functionalise otherwise passive objects in the fight to a clean air future. Figures show that 1 in 4 new product purchases this year incorporated embedded active filtration systems. GAIA Inc continues to dominate the market – latest reports estimating their filters are used in over 80% of active products sold. With regulations tightening to demand integration of filter systems in all new to market goods, the active filter industry is going from strength to strength. Despite worsening outdoor air pollution, we are beginning to see a decrease in respiratory diseases across the developed world. GAIA bill supporters are celebrating this as evidence of the bill’s effectiveness, while opponents voice concern that the bill ensures healthy interior spaces for humans, while neglecting our natural environment."

Developed in collaboration with Impeial College of London. Teamates:Andrew Slack, Ivy Liang and Lyle Baumguartan

Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) will become less about aesthetic and physical properties.The future of ALM lies in creating new functionality within materials.