“Designing and creating a game or toy means coming to terms with a cultural behaviour that expresses the end point of human behaviours and taking into account basic human instincts, cheating, subterfuge and lying. Weaving together a engaging experience culminating in a state of addiction.”  I am a gamer. I enjoy to play and design games. This pages are full of games I design from simple physical interactive game to video game


On a far far away island, there is Polcano. Every year at a certain time, it will erupt, not lava and rocks but, tons of popcorn. It is both dangerous and delicious. The villagers living in its shadow live on the popcorn but the first challenge is to catch it without being crushed by it. Your mission is to help the villagers using your hand to catch popcorns shooting from Polcano protecting and feeding your family. Be quick the villagers are hungry and competitive; in 3 mins the one to get the most popcorns wins.


Sorry I  Fell  Asleep is a falling simulation game created with Unity and leap-motion. The goal of this game is trying to grab as many objects as possible before landing. This project is a cooperated project. I work with the other two students from fashion and information design students. I charged for the 3D environments building and all the coding part. Information design student worked on the game video. Fashion student designed the color palettes.  I learned a lot of coding and knowledge of game development. This project arouses my interest about game designing.


On a magical island named foodland. There are four fruits that want to become the king of the foodland. It's a traditional that these characters use a race to decide who can be the next king. They need to build farms to harvest ingredients that they can turn into a delicious dish giving them energy to run the race. Food race is a board game that players need to manage resources and energy they have well and avoid waste. Manage your resources, reduce food waste and win the race to become king of foodland.

The goal of this game is to be the first across the line, but players learn some about food waste and gain an increased awareness to food wastes problem in the world.