This project was shown in the The FiveSenses Interactive EntertainmentExhibition at the opening of the” HKRI Taikoo Hui”mall in Shanghai.We turned a, space constrained, stairway into a parallel universe.

The concept of the hyper eating space is based on the idea of using the sense of hearing to eat. There are a variety of food-related sound devices in the space: “Sky Kitchen” that will make vegetable chopping, steaming and frying sounds when people walk by, and a row of coke-bottle shaped speakers that simulate the sound of drinking coke. In “Teppanyaki Hand” visitors place their hand on the device to hear the sound of Teppanyaki,” and “Full Belly”has a burping sound at the exit of the exhibition. Its is an interactive experience of the whole eating processing with your ears.

Teppanyaki Hand: When users touch it, it will have a sizzling sound from small to loud that like you are cook your hand.
Burping Belly : When user touch the belly, it will make a burping.

@ MorrowAgent Studio 2018