I am Jen-Hsien Chiu. You can also call me Nick. I am an interaction design technologist that focus on interaction between human and objects. I have done many different areas of work before being a designer because I want to know how the world works. For me, different fields are like different dimensions. Every time you change fields, it is like you  enter a new world. But the only thing that remains constant is the logical thinking ability to handle things. Different fields have different priorities as different worlds have different systems. How to quickly understand and integrate into the new system and integrate the knowledge I have is the biggest gain for me in these years.


UX Designer - ARK Design - Shanghai // 2019

Primarily response for research, user experience design and exploring opportunities for new technologies to be used in the usability test for creating a better user experience.

+ Retail experience design for an international smartphone brand

+ Mobile App design for an international Car brand

+ Financial App design for a Chinese brand

Interactive Designer - MorrowAgent  - Shanghai // 2017- 2019

Primarily I was responsible for concept design, exploring opportunities for new technologies to be used in interactive products, project management, technical implementations.programming and design of interactive products. I brought in two of key clients to the agency: Denso and Simple Life musical festival.

+ Key concept and implementation roles in the project Watcher which won first prize at the      
  Shanghai Design Week Xintiandi Device Contest.
+ Research,UX/UI design and host user interviews for the Denso 2035 Shanghai UX project.    
+ Lead design of Guitar Lee space design in Simple Life music festival.

UX/UI Freelancer - Jelly(IINU) - London  // 2017

Responsible for the UX/UI design of professional kitchen IoT products, focusing on efficient development. How to design the interface to meet the needs of the users ,making it possible to complete the workable prototype at a high speed. The goal of the product is to promote the efficiency of professional kitchen preparation, help the chef manage the menus and recipes, and manage the operation of the restaurant. The product is now testing and preparing for the first phase of funding.

UX Intern  - Q-Bot Floor Insulation London // 2016 Summer

Projects and responsibilities included: Design and user testing of the new user experience and interface for an industrial insulation installation robot and its control system software. Physical Design of new  survey robot’s robot control unit and product casing. Design of the corporate website.

Working holiday - Australia // 2012 - 2014

A variety of jobs as Pharmaceutical factory operator, waiter, restaurant manager, salesman, resulting in meeting a lot of interesting people. Building a deep understanding of different cultures.

Financial Consultant - First Commercial Bank  - Taiwan // 2010 - 2012

Analyse global markets and recommend investment targets for clients. Data analysis and asset management advice.   Including direct responsibility for sales up to NT$12,000,000

Store Manager - Shi-Mu co. ltd - Taiwan // 2009 - 2010

Management of sales performance, Inventory, and human resource. Marketing and customer engagement strategies. Direct responsibility for sales up to NT$ 1,500,000.

Junior Piping Engineer - CTCI  Taiwan //  2007 - 2008

Piping routing design, stress analysis, checking and certification using 3D CAD / CAM environment. Major project:Lungmen Nuclear Power Station.


Royal College of art  Innovation Design Engineering - M.A.  England 2015-2017

Imperial College of London  Innovation Design Engineering  — M.Sc  England 2015 - 2017

National Taiwan University Engineering Science & Ocean Engineering -B.Sc Taiwan 2003 - 2007


E-mail : jen-hsien.chiu@network.rca.ac.uk

Phone : +86 130-6187-9773