Shanghai's urban planning focus has been to build a multi centred urban environment, which is now slowly taking shape. The future direction of urban construction is now to improve this multi centre system, taking the principle of “networking" and “multi centred" and balancing the layout as the goal, The objective is aimed at enhancing the functions of this global city and supporting the diverse activities and needs of its citizens ,a multi centred functional system is established based on the layout of the urban space.This means that People's Square, The Bund, Lujiazui and other municipal centralised areas work to strengthen the core functions of global industries housed in the city such as finance, trade, shipping, culture, science and technology. The construction of suburban centres such as Jiading and Songjiang, is improved with the with independent and complete high quality public resources. According to the "16 - 40 Shanghai city overall plan",Shanghai has created a 15 minute “life circle”, with an average size of about 3-5 SquareKilometres and a resident population of about 5 to 10 million, where the basic needs of life employment, community, retail recreation are within a 15 minute walk. Communities a re-encouraged to highlight and celebrate diversity within the life circle to create vibrancy engage the residents and actively foster urban renewal.

The multi-centre approach and 15 - minute life circle system means that the city as a whole has a bigger size, and creates more areas are suitable for residents to live in. The downside is this concept also disperses communities of residents apart from each other, so the work commute time can be much longer with people may spending more time on traffic. Smart, rational use of commuting and travel time, or the increase in the number, diversity and capabilities of mobile services is a promising service direction and market.

According this trend we design a add-on system called PWM ( Play when you move)base on the E-Palette. Users can use their time in different activities when they move fromA point to destination depend on what travel plan they choose. They can pay more for personalise service, or share ride with lower fare rate. PWM system has a built-in priority system, and the AI adjusts the priority of the vehicle based on the attributes of the request-ing users (as individuals and as a group). When elderly, pregnant women, disabled people and other vulnerable groups or patients request the server, the AI system will adjust the dispatching sequence according to the traffic conditions at that time, giving priority to such groups. If there is an emergency, such as medical emergency, the AI can negotiate with the entire urban transportation system, forming a reasonable and rapid route, to ensure medical assistance is reached in time.

The issue of ageing in 2035 is a major challenge for Shanghai. In2015, the elderly represented 30.2% of the total population inShanghai, this is nearly two times that of the national statistics.According to ‘the 2030 Shanghai development study series’, it was predicted that 40% of the population in Shanghai would be classified as elderly 2030, and this was expected to reach44.5% in 2050. Shanghai will become one of the most ageing cities in the world in terms of population. People born under the family planning policy (1982-2015) generally faced the situation of a rising number of elderly people in a family in 2035 (age 40-53). At the same time, there is still a need to consider the problem of childcare. With the increasing cost of education,, and health care, the pressure placed on the lives of middle aged people is also greater.

The government has been aware of the unprecedented challenge of ageing and has begun to treat it as an important national issue. It is imperative to accelerate the construction of the old-age social security system and vigorously support and encourage development of the aged care industry. More services for the elderly are the rigid needs of this society’s future. The government can alleviate the pressure of the whole society by improving the old-age social security system.

For the elderly users and people who need medical help, PWM provides an Elderly care and medicine delivery service: When people need emergency medical care for a sudden illness or injury, they can call the medical service by e-palette. A Medical vehicle can send emergency medicine or bring equipment and expertise directly to the patient; alternatively, it can allow patients to take a medical vehicle directly to the hospital, with in-vehicle and in-vehicle treatment options also available. This greatly improves the efficiency of medical treatment and the effect of medical treatment. With an expected significant increase in the ageing population by 2035, more efficient medical aid services would also relieve the pressure on the society as a whole.

Service for Parents and kids : Parents can request special vehicles for children of different ages. Children often have no sense of security or shock when they use public transport services. In the child's car, there is a place for a baby carrier and a special child's rest space. The rest space can make the child feel safer by broadcasting white noise, whisper, and rocking. Included in the services are high quality children's food and care products to minimise disturbance to the baby. If the children are larger, they can enjoy children's amusement rides ,play with VR games or toys in the car, so as to distract their attention, so that parents can travel at ease and relaxed.

Health service: the health of the general population of the city is also a big problem in Shanghai. The government wants to encourage more people to participate in the movement. In e-palette, you can call a car with a fitness device. When passengers move in the car, the travel costs will be reduced to a certain extent by calculating the calories consumed by the passengers. This can encourage more people to participate in fitness activities, and and more effectively use their time travelling and commuting.

Stylish service: Office workers often find they need more rest time to increase productivity. If they choose to rest longer and get up later this reduced the morning preparation time. The vehicle is equipped with toiletries and many disposable make-up samples. Passengers can apply their cosmetics and clothes on the road. This service benefits not only office workers, but those looking to use their time more effectively when preparing to go out and socialise.

Service for Traveler: when people land in the airport in Shanghai, they can travel directly by e-palette. The entire security inspection system is automatically carried out in the e-palette carriage of the airport. This can reduce the pressure on airport passengers. If it is an unfamiliar tourist from a other city or a foreign country, a special trip can be carried out directly in the e-palette. The system will provide the service of the journey DIY, and choose the right journey to make the journey more comfortable.

Pre-Airport Security and Immigration clearances, with modern e-gates some citizens can have an entirely electronic and automated immigration experience, The E-Pallete can take this a step further, by performing immigration departure (and potentially destination), security and customs clearance inside the vehicle during the trip to the Airport. The vehicles personal nature and security and surveillance options permit high quality in depth security checks in comfort, cleared users could be automatically directed to secure drop off points skipping the queues - users failing clearances can be managed more effectively before arriving at the airport.

Environmental Protection and Self Cleaning: The surface of the car is coated with EcoClean material. The material was invented by the GermanMaterial Sciences Corp: Arconic( As light and water vapor hit the coated surface of the vehicle, the EcoClean product produce free radicals. These absorbs pollutants in the air and decompose it, these gather and fall to the ground, away from residents lungs, and can be swept away easily. This will clean the surface of the vehicle and purify the surrounding air. This can not only reduce air pollution without loss of energy, but also ensure the beauty of the car and reduce the cost of cleaning.

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