In 2030 in Shanghai, with the development and maturity of the technology, AR and VR has gradually changed people's lifestyles. A new form of drones called a "Companion" has become an important tool in people's work and social life.

Companions have a powerful artificial intelligence, equipped with a holographic projector and 3D scanner, along with the accompanying high-resolution portable AR/VR device people wear companions have become a competent life helper and work/task assistant.

The device is part of a smart home system that takes care of the home, by responding to the changing situations in the house, such as waking the owner up then ordering breakfast for them or using holographic technology to create an immersive environment for sleep.

The new style automobile of 2030 has a "Companion" connection. A "Companion" will connect with it to enable intelligent driving. During the driving, people can use their portable AR device to see a different views in the car to make the journey more enjoyable. (Different with a pilotless automobile, user come to trust the companion and this builds confidence that someone/something they trust is driving the car ).

People now go to the high tech co-working space near their home for work. They have their own space with full body motion detector and the VR device. When they active the VR function they will log in the virtual office environment, they can work, have a meeting and socialize there without enduring long hours of stressful travel. They can even decorate there own virtual desk in their own way.

In the store, Some display will be shown with AR device (for example a AR runway show only for you). Companion can effectively enhance the shopping experience. After scanning items such as clothing or accessories, a holographic projection can be used to show how products look while being worn by the shopper.

"Companion" is a personal and intimate partner. In the future, due to the trend of declining birthrate, more and more people will be living alone. Through their interaction with “Companion” and the new possibilities this brings (you can send a gift by it or have a 3D video chat with , people's loneliness will be alleviated and will have a channel to express.

@ 2018 MorrowAgent Studio