In this project we focused on the infinite inclusiveness of the Internet and I using processing and real time image effect to create a real time ripple image of viewer's face. The name is taken from Zhuangzi's "Rather than leave them to moisten each other with their damp and spittle it would be far better to let them forget themselves in their native rivers and lakes”. The original idea is that although the fish can escape from the water and can support each other, it is better to leave each other to the great ocean to feel the freedom. Zhuangzi used fish to describe people, pointing out that the ambiguity between people. People in real life have too many restrictions..Compared to the real world, the online world is just like the ocean. No matter who you are, you can visit and see each other while maintaining a safe distance.The network embraces all the joys, sorrows and feeling.

Using processing to deal the real time visual effect

@ MorrowAgent Studio 2018